1. Our E-Commerce Page has been put into service.

    Our online E-Commerce page, where you can review and buy thousands of products from Mouse to Server, Notebook to Monitor, has been put into service for you. You can access the website at and examine the products. You can contact us for special prices for your projects.
    Click for our e-commerce page

  2. Turkey's Rapid Cloud cloud service

    RAPID BULUT is a platform that provides synchronization of your company files and online collaboration technology service. The convenience and ease of use of end-user class solutions; combines security, privacy and control with your business needs. For demos and projects, you can get detailed information by contacting us at or 0212 603 26 44.
    Rapid Bulut sayfamız için tıklayınız

  3. Our Price Display service has been put into Service.

    The sector is developing, be followed, not followed. Would you like to give online special prices to your retail and wholesale customers from your website, TV screens or mobile applications? You can contact us for a special price screen. We give instant price for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, not 1 minute. You can reach us on 0212 603 26 44 for your Price Screen projects.
    Click for our Price Screen page

  4. Do you want to save your cameras to the cloud?

    Our cloud nvr project will be put into service very soon. You can save your own cameras or the cameras of your customers to rapid cloud with low costs. You can contact us for details.

  5. The best prices for your Magics projects are again only with us.

    The program is one of the magics of the jugular vein in the jewelery sector, providing Rapid Stock Matarialis to deal with, is proud to be the first Platinum partner in Turkey. You can contact us for the best prices.

  6. Uzaynet Our service, Uzaynet, where you can get internet with only one satellite dish, has come into service.

    What is Uzaynet?

    Uzaynet is a service that can provide high speed, two-way internet connection via satellite. The easy-to-install small satellite antenna (77 cm) connects your computer, your local network in your home or office, directly to the internet via satellite without any terrestrial cable or 4.5G connection.

    Uzaynet Advantages

    Uzaynet, which is much faster than traditional internet connections, is an uninterrupted broadband internet service for your needs such as web browsing, electronic mail usage, music download or watching videos. Internet will now be as fast as you want, thanks to Uzaynet, with a special modem downlinked up to 30 Mbps and upload speeds up to 6 Mbps.

    Low Cost with Suitable Tariff Options

    It is possible to have Uzaynet satellite internet service with a suitable tariff package, whether for yourself, your family, or your business / workplace. You can reach us at 0212 603 26 44 to get information about the tariffs.

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