Our Server and Datacenter Solutions
You may want to create your own datacenter, in the same way, you may want to modernize your system room. We provide planning, projecting, maintenance, moving and other services in this regard. If you want, our outsource staff are located in your location. System monitoring and maintenance is done by us.

Infrastructure and Cabling
As Rapid Stock, let’s do the infrastructure and cabling of your entire company from end to end. Let’s determine what you need with free exploration work by our experts. Make a long-term profit by making the right investment.

Hardware Sales
For the most suitable and most accurate products for the information systems infrastructures of the institutions and the software and hardware components used to work at the highest possible level of accessibility to meet the performance and security criteria.

Unite your distributed infrastructure by using the most suitable virtualization platforms with RAPID STOCK authorized personnel. Increase your resources to manage your resources more efficiently and proactively by reducing your investment costs.

Backup Solution Suggestions
With the professional backup products and positioning offered by RAPID STOCK, back up your data with the most suitable solutions for you. If you want, keep your business in a location you specify or in a different geography by keeping a copy with the cloud.

Cloud Solutions
Undoubtedly, the most important feature of a company is its data. If you want, you can keep all of your data or even a part of it in a different geography with a hybrid structure. To find the best solution for you | RAPID STOCK expert staff are with you.

Dlp / Data Loss Prevention
If you think that very important files for your company are moved out or can be moved, we protect your company with our DLP solutions. | As RAPID STOCK, let’s maximize data security with our Dlp products, which have proven themselves in the world, leave no room for wonder.

KVKK – Personal Data Protection Law
“KVKK”, a term that we have started to hear gradually recently, we protect your company and you with our professional solutions in personal data protection law. | As RAPID STOCK, we are at your side with our professional team with a suitable solution for you.

Maintenance and Support Services
By obtaining the Maintenance / Support service from RAPID STOCK, you can get 24×7 remote or telephone support for the completion of the works in your institution on certain dates and for all kinds of system problems.

Camera Solutions
Check out our proven camera solutions in order to monitor the desired locations of your organization and, as the most important point, to quickly return to these records if needed. Hundreds of references why | You will understand that you have chosen RAPID STOCK.

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